The joy of hearing companies and others mistakes.

I don’t know if it ever happened to you, but one thing i love to read is something called “Les perles du bac” basically all the stupidities that student writes in the end of high school exam. We all know as student, we mix up our classes and notes, and under the pressure, we happen to write some hilarious thing just to make the one who correct our paper laugh. Consciously or unconsciously, we all did it. but some of you might think that when you grow up and work, it changes…. Naaaaaaaaahhhhhh ^^. That wouldn’t be fun!

First one, happened to my father. He received a weird letter asking him for some money from the health insurance in France. So wondering what it was, he called them. After waiting a few minutes, he gets some human on the phone, gives him his insurance number and tells her his problem with that letter. At that moment he had the speaker on and as he was standing next to me, the woman said: “But Mr, You are dead!”…..¬† Now imagine the silence and like in manga, my father and me both looking at each other with faces like that … Someone could think she was joking but she was serious. So of course, u laugh when my dad raised the voice, asking her what the hell she was smoking, and saying that if he was dead, he would know about it first before them. That was a nice one.

Or another one, I was good friend with a guy on a game called Elfenlied. He was hated by many, but mostly envied because he was a strong and smart guy. One day after a while off the game, a common friend asked me how he was. So i told him that i only had news from him some month ago, and that he was fine and so on. And then comes the amazing remark, and the worse is he was serious..”What do you mean some month ago, aren’t you two married?” So i replied “In game you mean?” And he told me with all the seriousness of the world “No no, real i mean”… So there i say stop! Why no one invited me to my wedding!!!! And another friend some month later ask me the same, so i reply the same, that he was fine and so on. But then he said “hey how come i don’t see you together anymore, you two broke up? I thought you were living together, you were always together in game”. And now no one invited me to my divorce? O.O And since when was I only together with Elfenlied in game? We teamed up like twice, talked a few in guild, mostly in whisper (private messages) so where the hell did he saw that? So to make it short, within a few months, i was married and divorced¬† O.O and all that in real….

Or today, i call the formation center to know why after 3 weeks they didn’t reply to me. So i call them, and i give all the information they need, then they tell me (and try to imagine the proper scot accent
“You sent us your registration form but not the application form”. So i tell them
“But i never received any application form!”
“Ah? Oups, i guess we forgot, i will sen you one today then”
Lovely… Don’t tell me i forgot something when you can’t even think of sending me THAT form…..

The lovely mistakes of those people just make me laugh in the end. And if you have any you want to share, i will gladly add them ^_^