25 year old, 10 years of study in college and 5 in every single job possible.

Rant of today and i guess most job seekers will agree on that, companies are truly and deeply unreasonable about their expectation on candidates for a job. Let’s face it! They want you to be young (tons of energy and really motivated to work) so you will agree to do whatever work even the most annoying and painful one. They want you to have studies kinda like 10 years (In every single course, because everything is needed for the job they offer, you should know it…) of course, got high degree in whatever field, and  5 years experience minimum in the job they ask you to do (and now explain me when do you have time to get so much experience).

Am I the only one to find that stupid? Mostly when you study especially for high diplomas, you don’t have time to work in the same time, or maybe summer jobs. But that ain’t enough! They want more, but that experience, one day, we need to be given the chance to build experience. isn’t that true? For people who have been in that field for a while, alright they have the experience, but for young ones, not really.

And then when you MANAGE to pass to the interview, you get told that in the end, you are not fitted for the job, or that you don’t give the right image… So in the end, even if you have the qualification, experience, skills, if you don’t have a nice head that they will like, you are fucked. I don’t see why a punk having all the right degree and qualification wouldn’t be more suitable for that job than a moron with just a nice suit…..

And the worse is, when you are a foreigner. You get looked at as if you were unable to understand their language. Well i am sorry but if you go through all the trouble to learn the language, to write a CV in English, and do your best to even sound native, being treated like “I am sorry but you will have difficulties here with the language”… There I say, sorry? Try to speak 3 languages fluently then talk to me about not being able to follow a conversation!!!

For the junkies and other ones who do not look for a job or don’t want to work, i say, let them rot in their shit, but for people who DO want to work, please, to all of you who offer a job, stop being so judgmental, stop looking at us like we are some kind of dumb kids… And it’s not because we don’t have ALL the experience you require or ALL the qualifications you want that we can’t do a good job.