Miss world 2012: The fail result

Today, as i was leisurely talking to my best friend, she told me “hey, look at that”. I see a YouTube video, and i wonder what it could be. I see a girl, miss world candidate for 2012, and speaking an English more than destroyed with a chainsaw. So i think, why not make my own contest, the worse Miss world candidates, not beauty wise, but speaking wise. Miss word is expected to smile pretty and shut up, so making them talk is really not a good idea.

The first position is for France!

Please, look at that:

Let’s check her fails:

“I study international management in 3 different country”…. Right, first it’s “countries” because more than one. Second, i wonder which one would accept someone not able to speak English correctly so i guess, 3 french speaking countries.
“I am végétarienne” …Right, what about saving our poor ears and learning how to say vegetarian instead of using the french word for it? “I promote all regional luggages”…. Ah? You meant languages I guess…. not the same. But why not….
“In television or in school that are about to despair” Our despair is your damn horrible English right now. It’s disappear…  like we wish you could disappear.
“If i add the marvelous opportunity to became miss world” If only you were part of the past, but it’s actually “become” not became….. goodness sake!

Let’s all admire her anyway it is truly hard to destroy a language that easily and quick in such a short time. Just to make France look bad, well worse, showing how bad french people can speak another language.

Now, the second position comes to Miss Japan.

That one, apart from the fact it takes us 10 second to understand she is actually not speaking Japanese but indeed trying to speak English, we spend the rest of the time wondering what the hell she is saying. Catching some words, here and there, university, miss world. Pretty much she just say a text she learned by heart, without understanding the meaning of it.

And finally in 3rd place, Miss China

This one, like her college from Japan, learned a text in English, by heart, learned the pronunciation… sort of… and try to say it in front of the camera. It’s quite obvious she has no idea what she is saying, forgets sometimes what she is supposed to say,  but that the text she learned was written by someone who obviously needs to go back to school to learn English….

And they dare to come for miss world? Seriously, all what we are waiting for them to do is sit back, smile pretty, and SHUT THE FUCK UP, and not destroy a language like that! But let’s all congratulate our winners!