Newspapers and what i read those days.

I guess i will talk like many people, but on the morning, while going to work or even having breakfast, i read the newspapers either on my phone or some free newspaper given at the train station. I sit in my train, and read the news, what is going on around the country, and usually i read the UK newspaper in the train and the french one on my phone. Of course, there are articles about politics and what happens, but weirdly enough, while the UK newspapers mostly talk about recent event and not really about politics, french newspapers are different. Recently, what do i read:

Islam angry because of the film about mahomet¬† and the cartoon made in “Charlie Hebdo”…. Right, ok. Like many people i don’t see the difference between islam and muslim religion because for what i remembered, they all follow the coran. I will not debate about religion, as i am an atheist and for me getting angry because some newspaper had a cartoon ridiculing mahomet is fucking stupid. But what i find mostly massively stupid and retarded are all those extremist using the film and cartoon as an excuse to create mayhem and kill people. In what kind of world do they live? Yes Charb will always make carton too ridiculise whatever religion, and not only the muslim or islam one, but you can do nothing about that. French laws says they can and are allowed to, why? FREE country where the RELIGION is SEPARATED from the state ! So no they will not put Charb in jail or whatever for blaspheme. Mahomet ain’t a person, he is an idea ina¬† religion so until you got some SOLID SCIENTIFIC proofs of the pseudo existence of that dude, don’t read charlie hebdo, don’t watch crappy films that insult your religion, and go on and live. To make things clear, i have friends who are muslim and we have no problem as they don’t force their religion on me. But those morons taking arms, killing some American guy in an embassy, they make people even more afraid of the muslim religion, and pretty much put oil on the fire, making people categorize ALL muslim as being some extremist psychopath. And i don’t even get why muslim people who are not like that, actually let those crazy ones be the face of their religion. But anyway, next topic!

Kate topless in closer…. That one, please, let me laugh ! Where do i start… The fact french people DARED to publish the topless body of the future queen? I am sorry, what????? Last time I remember, some ENGLISH newspaper called the SUN published pictures of a naked (and yes naked butt) of the prince, am I wrong? So they are allowed to publish those type of pictures but not france? Then the next thing is about french paparazzi harassing kate like they did for diana. Right, and they wanna boycott french product for that…. Well they killed our jeanne d’arc, but we didn’t boycott british product since then, did we? Then the last, everyone is having trouble with money in uk and in the world, nothing news. But her and william still went on holiday not in the south of uk, but south of france and not in a cheapie hotel, but a private property…. And she gets topeless there, KNOWING here is freedom of speech and that she would be hunted. If she didn’t want that, she should have kept her top on, and go topless inside the house maybe. That would have been SMART. And then going for a full trial for that… What kind of joke is it? Anyone else suing the magazine Closer for that would have got a fail, but anyway because she is royalty she get that ridiculous trial be proceeded. And get the picture taken back from closer? That would have worked if they were old pictures but now it’s all digital, so sorry darling but your picture will never leave internet. You are doomed. Next time think before doing something stupid.

Gangnam style… That is something i don’t get. As much as i like korean music and i do, that song is ridiculous and noone will remember the guy in some years (at least not in europe) because just this song is being popular. Except i see that song and that guy everywhere….. And it’s starting to be annoying.

And the last, the thing that will take 60% of the newspaper’s page, politics. And there, if i had to start on that, noone would be asleep as i would write a damn novel. No politic is perfect guys, but Holland, you elected him, so now, no turn back. He does what he said he would. And when you see in what shit Sarkozy put france (i was being insulted by chinese people cuz of that fucker), wait 5 years and let’s see what holland will have done. Because so far, he is acting more than the one before him and not going on holiday every time.