“I want”, “I deserve”, “I don’t care, I will not leave until i get what I want”

Ohhhh it has been a while since i last typed an article here. Yeah sorry, work, busy, you know. Anyway it’s time to talk about another category of people that most of us had to deal with in our life, either at work or in private. Those people want everything and will not accept a NO. And i get them a lot in my job since I work in customer service. Those people, will be maybe nice at first (or not) but quickly when you tell them “I am sorry sir but ” it will be like letting the flood go, and no matter what you say, they won’t be happy, they will yell.

What do they do first? Try to convince you that you HAVE TO give what they want. Because 1: they deserve it (no you don’t), and second, it’s normal they get it as it was taken from them in the first place (mostly about people who got their account emptied because they gave their password away or let their kids play, and those kids did the whole thing). They should remember that we have absolutely no obligation to do so, and we are doing it because we are nice and want to help people. But no, they will still rage and even scream at you if they can. And that really is annoying. You on the other side, are tempted to just say “You know what dude, no more goodie two shoes, go fuck off and shut the fuck up, learn how to use a computer/internet/security and come back when you got a brain”. But no, you can’t, you have to listen to him yell and yell again.

When they see that yelling and complaining don’t get them what they want, what is their next move? “I want to talk to your superior/manager”…. Right…. Just so he can tell you the EXACT same thing I told you. Just to be precise I work in uk, but all the customer I get on the phone are french. My superiors are British and thus do not speak french (well except the bonjour and oui non). And just for you, most french people (like 95%) don’t speak English or what they know is like “Hello, my name is”. So when I tell them they would need to speak English, then it’s even worse. Because they call a french service so of course I must have french manager and they won’t speak some fucking English.

So now what is the last move? They want to sue you! But of course! And what do they want to sue you about? Not about a whole scam or something big, no, about a little thing or sometimes a game or a product. One thing that might cost them what, 40 quid tops. So let’s calculate: lawyer will cost them much more. And even if they sue you, they will end up against a wall. One of the reason is because it’s a threat and they won’t do it. But when they do it. But french people love that too, at the end when they are in a corner, to say they will sue the hell out of you. And they expect us to be even more scared, run everywhere to satisfy them. But we don’t, we stick there, facepalming, and in the end, they just yell again and again.

Those people are a pain, and they only get stuff out of weak and small companies. But once they end up against big ones or someone who is strong and will not bend over easily, then its impossible to calm them.

Seriously, why can’t they just calm the fuck down and get a little respect there… I hate people…18


Job hunting, and people towards you.

I guess we all went through that stage at a moment or another, we all had that time where we didn’t have any job, and were looking for one. It can be some days, decades or month ago or still now, but i will tell you what IS annoying in the reaction of people. So if you know someone who doesn’t have a job, here is what pisses us off to the point we just want to crash your head against the wall.

“At least I work” Right…. So you work, that is good for you, but it’s not really because we CHOOSED to that we don’t work. We send CVs, applications,, we call, we do whatever we can, even dealing with our job centers, and all that for what? To get a mail (when we do) telling us that they are happy we applied but too baaaaad they won’t give us a chance. So what do you want us to do? Force people to hire us? Call them non stop? No! And we are not in the 70s anymore, you can’t find a job in a blink of an eye. So seriously stop it, annoying as hell.

“You still haven’t found a job?” No i didn’t otherwise you would know about it. And well, same as above, can’t force anyone to hire us, and when you are young, or you got no experience, but no one is willing to let you show what you can do or get that experience, what do you do then? Yes because mostly, it’s due to the fact we don’t have 10 years of experience, but no one is willing to give us a chance.

“Just pass you driver’s license then! ” But of course, and will you give me the money? No? Then SHUT UP. We don’t all live in USA where it cost 50$ to pass that license, here it can cost up to 2000 euros, yea, and the “didn’t you work during the summer”, well yeah, but with what money did you think we pay the university? Seriously? Asking the parents? As i said, it’s EXPENSIVE and for many of my generation, parents approach or are retired, and didn’t win the lottery.

It ain’t fun to always have to listen what other people say, like if they think it’s sooooooooooooooo easy to find a job. But those are the one who found a job in the 70s and kept it until retirement. So for those, please, do us a favor, shut up. You have no idea how hard it is right now.

Wesh Wesh all over the place

Well, today was a beautiful day, warm enough to go out wearing a single long sleeve light shirt. Lots of sun in the sky and not a single cloud to hide it. Basically a nice spring day when i was going to eat an ice cream and since the ice cream van from Ben&Jerry was coming to Lyon, i figured i would go to get the free ice creams. But, like very good thing attract bad ones, here i was, at the meeting place, and so was many youngsters.  Usually that would not be a problem. But today, they were all what we call: Wesh wesh.

Now i hear you, what is that, those are the youngsters, mostly in France and with Algerian, or any other Arabic country origins, speaking mostly with an horrible aggressive accent and half Arabic, half french. Basically only their clan can understand each other. What are their particularities?

They speak loud: Of course, you HAVE to notice them, you have to know they are here and act like they own the place…

They aggress you if you DARE to look at them in the eyes… Yeah, like some wannabe delinquent or prison whatever, they will start to get angry, even if you did nothing, even if you jut looked at them for 5 sec, they will aggress you.

They all wear the same: Sports wear, mostly addidas and nike, with the pants tight at the ankle for men, and like sluts with a mix of sports wear for women.

And while looking at them, and laughing inside on how ridiculous they were, they started to take more and more space, being invasive and really annoying, yelling, and going stupid stuff with their bikes, then arguing. So yeah, i left. And as i was leaving, i remembered an article saying that now there are classes for those to teach them to speak correctly and loose that horrible accent, in order for them to find a job…

It’s already hard for me, for them? That will be hell. And in the meanwhile, they make everywhere hell for us….

I hate humans….

Dating websites

Yep, even me i will talk about that. Being born during the caramail boom, i know about dating websites such as Meetic, Adopteaguy.com, edarling, and so many others. I know about them mostly due to adverts on television. I mean what’s better when you are here, nicely comfy in the evening watching the new episode of a serie you enjoy, then the adverts come. Usually you use that time to go to toilet or get a glass of water or tea or whatever. But in some cases, you just end up watching those ads and wondering what the fuck did those guy smoke when they made that crap. Anyway and between 2 ads for some toilet paper soooo soft and long and some washing powder that makes your clothes so white and clean and better than any other (*sighs*) you find some ad for a dating website. And there… you crash…. Your poor brain experience a blue screen of the death like a computer, and the only thing that come to your mind is “WHAT THE FUCK”

Yep, that’s what i was thinking the first time i saw those. The first thing i wonder is why the hell do they make ads for that, or are people THAT desperate to find a boy/girl friend to marry and so on? Because we all know dating websites have been going for a good while, and most of us went on it once, either to test or for a laugh (I am part of the second category) but to find the true love? Come on… Don’t tell me you believe you will find the love of your life on a dating website? O____o And because i know what i saw on it, i can tell, you don’t find true love on that….

Girl side: Of course, ladies first…. although to find true ladies on there, you gotta be fucking lucky. First you find all the girls you find on social networks, the one taking a pic in the bathroom…. Yep that is sexy, especially with the glasses and the flash of the camera or phone. Sexy….. Then you get the one with the duckface… and they think that is sexy to make such a ridiculous face…. Moving on, oh the ones putting pics almost naked and even naked, those don’t look for love, just to get fucked and if they tell you the opposite, they lie. And of course, don’t forget all those who take a pic with a high angle, the camera above them to show their breasts…. And then women, i mean real women wonder why men treat them like bitches and objects…. yeah right….

Boy Side: Same shit as women. Between the one that post pics naked or just of their dicks… Not a joke… I just lose faith in humanity… And then you add those who take a pic with their dog or cat, or with the guitar (i guess some women like that, dunno) or with crazy scenery behind them. Basically with whatever make the woman not look at them but at what they are showing… and mostly,sorry to tell you that guys, we are more attracted to the dog cat guitar or scenery you are taking a pic with, not you. And once they talk to you, the good old: How’s you?…. Like seriously? Can’t you guys be a bit more… i don’t know, inventive? Or do you only know those 3 damn words?

Once you passed the state of talking on that website, usually is continues on msn or Facebook, then the people meet. But the breaking point is here. Even if you talk to let’s say 10 people from the dating website, 3 will make it to the msn address, 2 maybe to meet in real, and just one with who you might end up friend… or in the best case you will date, not for long, it will be over…. What a joke.

And people still believe they can find true love on that… Yeah right!

The anorexic and food/fat obsessed people.

I think wherever you are, mostly in rich countries, that is a problem.  Imagin one day you go to a hairstyler, getting your hair out of your face (because you have to admit, it’s trully not handy), and you get stuck with a woman, saying over and over how fat is bad, and how if she ever goes higher than size 36 in french size, for her it’s like you let yourself down, that there is absolutely no excuse to obesity, that’s it’s only people who don’t know how to eat properly. And there I say FUCK OFF ANOREXIC SKELETTIC BITCH.

First of all, please, lads, tell me, what would you like your girl to be, a girl food obsessed (no cream, no sugar, no fat, nothing), a girl you would feel her bones no matter how you hug her? Or you would prefer a girl who got breasts, hips, ass, who got some curves without being hyper mega obese?

I know anorexia is an illness, i am not stupid. But what i hate, is that because of the society now, this “illness” is spreading. Why? Look in the magzines, look at the Tv or any film in the cinema, even the singers. Now tell me, do you see any “fat one”? No. Whatever magazine you open, they show you some nice man or woman, photoshopped of course that look like having a perfect body. Let’s make it clear, those people got their ass touched and modified with PHOTOSHOP, no perfect skin, no perfect body so stop trying to look like them for heaven’s sake! Films is the same, tv is the same. Just take off their tons of make up, and all the special effect and i can tell you, you don’t recognize those so called “celebrities”

Nos let’s come to practical life. Because i think all of us have a weakness, some like chocolate, some ice cream, some with special dishes, whatever. We all have a food we like a lot. Is that a crime? Of course not! There is no problem enjoying eating, being hungry. No need to say “No i must not eat that, full of fat bla bla bla” Shut up…. Seriously, you can eat EVERYTHING, as long you don’t eat too much of it. Ask to a nutritionnist, (I mean a real one -,- not one who will tell you to only eat one aliment and that’s it) and they will tell you that all is in dosage. And curves are not a bad thing either, even for a guy. Some girles like muscular, some like big guys, some like skinny ones, and it’s the same for women. Yes there are men who like curvy women.As long you feel alright inside, then you will be beautiful.

So stop killing yourself to look like those women in the magazines or to be thin as hell. It’s not good for your body at all. Eating isn’t a bad thing. And to all those who say that fat people are bad, to those i say : FUCK OFF! And get your bony ass to do something usefull.