Intolerance, Racism, all the same.

Something really, but really pisses me off. I was raised by a catholic family, and alright I ended up atheist. But one thing my family taught me, is being tolerant, accepting other. And what life taught me is not to reject others for their differences, but on the contrary accept them for those. When you are being bullied, beaten all your life because of what you look like, you learn to be very defensive, but also not to do to others, what you don’t want them to do to you. And especially, to look past the appearance.

Well i see in the street, internet, or even chats things, too many people intolerant.

Let me tell you a little story. I went to look at a clip on YouTube, Queen: Who wants to live forever. It’s an amazing music but some moron posted a comment “He is gay” and another replied “No shit, he is gay? i can’t listen to him anymore, my parents raised me not to support homosexuals”

Now comes me being shocked. What does it have to do with anything? What he does in his bed has nothing to do with the music! Your boss may be into BDSM and you don’t know about it! And where is the problem being homosexual, lesbian, black, green, blue, red or whatever?

Let me teach you one thing, to all those who think they are better than others, to those who think being gay isn’t natural, that it’s against god and whatever bullshit reasons you will use. They are who they are, and everywhere you will find good and bad people, but do they throw their sexuality in your face? Do they throw their privacy in your face? Non they don’t. And what do you do? You throw your religion in their face.

I know several people who are gay or bisexual, and they are adorable. One of them, i can talk with him for hours, he got amazing culture and knowledge. He can talk to you about anything, and he is very tolerant, someone truly sweet and funny. Another one i know fought all his life and he got his own shop and brand. He is sweet and he keeps fighting everyday.
You think those are not natural? And what about all those so called gangsta bastard who do not have a problem raping weaker guys in jail?
You say if gays get married, it will destroy the sanctity of marriage? What about all those women, stars who get married for 3 days top max and divorce?
You say they are against god’s laws? Doesn’t YOUR damn god teach you to forgive, be tolerant and open your arms to mankind? And if it was SOooooooo against it, when why did your god create them?
You say it’s disgusting? What about those who beat their wives, rape people, beat children? Aren’t they disgusting?

And all of that is the same about people with another color or background as yourself. They are the same as you, except from another place. Some can be bad, i won’t say the opposite but everywhere you will find jerks, white, black, grey, or whatever.They have another religion than you so they are bad, why? They have different beliefs, true, but they could do the same to your because of your religion or color. Because remember well, there has been many wars in the past because of color or religion. And for those of you who still think “He is black/Muslim/Pakistani/japanese…….” (and here add whatever racial insult you might know to complete those dots) are NO BETTER that those who wasted millions of lives trying to force your own kind into their house.

I hate people, that is true, i hate them for rejecting what is different. But i still believe we could all live together, respecting eachother’s differences and learning from them. But so far, we can’t. Because some stupid people think it’s right to raise kids to hate whoever is different and go on a “war” against them. And to those I say, FUCK YOU. One day, you will learn it the hard way.