Wesh Wesh all over the place

Well, today was a beautiful day, warm enough to go out wearing a single long sleeve light shirt. Lots of sun in the sky and not a single cloud to hide it. Basically a nice spring day when i was going to eat an ice cream and since the ice cream van from Ben&Jerry was coming to Lyon, i figured i would go to get the free ice creams. But, like very good thing attract bad ones, here i was, at the meeting place, and so was many youngsters.  Usually that would not be a problem. But today, they were all what we call: Wesh wesh.

Now i hear you, what is that, those are the youngsters, mostly in France and with Algerian, or any other Arabic country origins, speaking mostly with an horrible aggressive accent and half Arabic, half french. Basically only their clan can understand each other. What are their particularities?

They speak loud: Of course, you HAVE to notice them, you have to know they are here and act like they own the place…

They aggress you if you DARE to look at them in the eyes… Yeah, like some wannabe delinquent or prison whatever, they will start to get angry, even if you did nothing, even if you jut looked at them for 5 sec, they will aggress you.

They all wear the same: Sports wear, mostly addidas and nike, with the pants tight at the ankle for men, and like sluts with a mix of sports wear for women.

And while looking at them, and laughing inside on how ridiculous they were, they started to take more and more space, being invasive and really annoying, yelling, and going stupid stuff with their bikes, then arguing. So yeah, i left. And as i was leaving, i remembered an article saying that now there are classes for those to teach them to speak correctly and loose that horrible accent, in order for them to find a job…

It’s already hard for me, for them? That will be hell. And in the meanwhile, they make everywhere hell for us….

I hate humans….


How useless is Cameron to UK

I wasn’t much aware of many things when i moved in into scotland. So i learned, mostly through my boyfriend, news, articles. And of course, personnal experiences. And all I can say is, Cameron is a damn stupid moron, completely useless!

Alright, let’s start. Do you find normal that when you go to a job center, you see junkies coming all around, even if they are late, it’ alright, and advisers ask you if YOU can wait while they pass those first. And when you ask to the junky why he was late, he will tell you he was getting a shot of heroïn. And that is normal. Now i say, WHAT THE ****???? Am i in some sort of parallel world? Is everyone mad? Why do they priotize junkies rather than people who actually WANT to work? Because don’t mistake me, those drug addicts get: Rent paid, council tax and water bill paid, plus 400£ a month to buy their drugs so they don’t steal them, and occasionnaly food. Far from being bad right? Considering you can easily eat for what, 40£ for 2 weeks (if you cook)

So what is that joke? And on the same hand, he get all the disabled people re examinated (alright, that can be good, all the ones faking will be put back to work) but also telling to those who have like learning disabilities, but not too severe, that they will be working? Or those who have a disability but if they can work, he is gonna send them to work? What the heck?

And let’s not forget the raise of the tax on the retired’s pension, and lower the tax on highest salary…. WHAT IS THAT JOKE???

When i see people like him, i want to take his head and crash it against a wall. So far, what i see is a country where the prime minister says “ok, drug addict = we pamper them, we take money from retired people and less from the rich people, and let’s not care about disorders and put some disabled people back to work, after all even disabled they might be usefull”

I really hope that if scotland get independant, things will change.

Something I hate: Soccer

Well i have never been someone who is into sports, and watching them is far from being my hobby. But i can still understand people like that i guess. But there is one sport/game that i hate MORE than anything: Soccer football. The game itself, well i just see some dogs running after the ball. Like “go get the ball!” But that is just a point of view. But it’s not really about the game ITSELF that i got a problem, it’s about the rest.

First, i alway heard it’s supposed to be a game, people are supposed to play football, to have fun. Now let’s see what it REALLY is actually.

The players: Look at the ones who play for fun, they are not payed or barely payed, but they do it because they love it, because it’s a hobby and some can be really good. Now you look at the ones who play in front of the tv, how much do they earn? Plus you add when they mark a point and so on, which can easily put crazy amount in the bank about…. And for what? for the same, exact same thing that others do, even if they are paid minimum wage or not paid at all. And they could at least PLAY but what do they do? between the hidden kick, the pulls, the tactics to make other believe they are BAAAAAADLY injured or to injure and so on, it’s more a game of “the first who put the opponent down wins”. Seriously! I never saw so many guys fighting, and not over a woman, over a damn ball…..(and probably over their salary? MORE than certainly)

Now, let’s see for the Coach and Managers: Can somone explain me why when a team lose, they want the head of the coach? As much as he can train them, the team gotta be responsible too, and the manager more reminds me of a slave seller. If he wanna sell or buy a player, he will do it Oo. I simplify the thing but it’s true, buying and selling people? Am I the only one seeing something wrong in there? Like that scottish team that got in the red had to sell their asset, their best players… Like WHAT THE FUCK?

And let’s not forget the scariest, the supporters: Those creep me and i would put them in a mental hospital. Supporting a team i can understand, but crossing oceans, going to another country for just what, 1 match, or going mad and arguing over what players did. Like since when is it THEIR FUCKING BUSINESS??? IT has absolutely nothing to do with them. They come, they should be happy to be able to watch a match, but what do they do? fight, yell “wooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhh” and bad things, and throw things at the guys who try to play. And how many times trouble is caused not by the player themself, but by the supporters because that player did that to another and they argues fight and it gets to the point they need the police? AND THEY SERIOUSLY THINK IT’S OK???? Am I the only one seeing some mad people, like animals yelling just because they don’t see what they want?

It is damn stupid! And the best of the best, when you get a match between a high rank team and one several divisions below. And the high rank one get hard time to win, barely wins, or get beaten. I am sorry but I would feel ashamed. Ashamed especially for the coach. What does that mean: Doesn’t matter how much you pay your players dude, some players who do that for fun can still come kick your ass, and they are not paid for it! When you pay your players  with crazy amounr to be all awesome or strong, they have hard time beating some amateurs. I am sorry, but if i was them, i would be too ashamed.

I don’t care if i get insulted by all the soccer fans of this planet. Those who will insult me, thraten me will be in the category of the mad supporters. Why? because they get angry over that. When a real supporter will not be mad, he will agree, but he will just enjoy a nice match, and not get in trouble with others because they don’t think like him. Food for thoughs.

Valentine’s day is soon here

Ah now another event, commercial one of course. What? You don’t believe me? Come on!

I will not come back on the story of St Valentin, i don’t think anyone is REALLY interested in that, and if someone was, there i wikipedia and google. So that being put aside, towns and shopw are transforming, putting their white red and pink costume, heart shapes everywhere. Adverts (TV, magazines, email and i forget many) just to tell you “you want to say i love you to someone, buy our product for that person!” or the valentine’s day cards. Between the funny; the romantic and the ueless ones (Like the asda ones, be smart, be my valentine…). Now a question:

Why do people need ONE damn special day to say those three simples words to someone: I love you?

I don’t get that. You can do it every single other day of the year, even just ot celebrate what, your one month, one year together, whatever, or even just to surprise your other half. So what? The symbol? Come on, valentine’s day is nothing but “Buy chocolates, wines and gifts for someone” now. That’s the whole point of it now. I can understand doing something together for that day yes, but spending so much money on one day dictated by the calendar and popular folk, that is stupid as hell.

It’s like if on the calendar, there was a suicidal day.If you encounter the number like 13, you will jump off a bridge. And people were selling like costumes or coffins, an stuff to preserve your body and you like a stupid moron, you would buy it. If you wanna jump from a bridge ordeclare your love to someone, do it because you want it, not becaue adverts and calendar told you so.

But then it’s your ass not mine, your money you are spending, not mine. But then don’t moan about the crisis and how hard times are and so on.

Films and games

Ahhhhh the joy to sit down, relax, put a film or play a gam. Everyone know that little pleasure, alone or with someone. IT feels good to relax in the sofa or the bed, maybe some crackers next to you, a blanket in winter or a cold soda in summer, and watch a film, relax. Feels good. But then, what type of film to watch?

Today i thought i should try to watch that film, Thor. I love mythology so i should give it a try…. And to be honest, i have less and less faith in humanity (if that is possible) and in people’s creativity. Alright the special effect are amazing, and everything (must have been funnnnn to create all that on 3D max) but the story…. basic like hell. god, too proud, banished on earth (not like he would be in medieval time, nahhh, nowadays with FBI and so on) for being stupid, fall for a mortal woman (but of course! Like americans would make him fall for a guy! come on!) and after falling for her, try to protect her,become worthy, back to his land to defeat the bad guy and get the crown. Pretty much.

Now the basics: A man, a god, and he is proud and his pride is where? In his weapon and fights… Don’t tell me it doesn’t remind you of people -,-0 and men in generals, basic shit that you wonder why for once, they wouldn’t make a guy smart and who would not be obsessed with fighting or showing he is the best. Geez!

Mister is not someone you could see in the street but a guy like out from photoshop, with bisceps, tabs, a body like you would only see if it was made by surgery…. WHAT A SURPRISEEEEEEE, of course gotta please the teens! For god’s sake! Soon those firlms will become harems (which they already are with some but it’s another thing) and porns. I seriously wonder why making a filmif it’s just to show off some people’s amazing work with a scalpel, photoshop and 3D max. But anyway let’s continue.

He does something stupid, banished on earth, and fall for a woman. There i say, what a surprise again! Americans are so damn close minded, why would they make him fall for a man, or for the beauty of the planet, or even for a child he could consider like a daughter, i don’t know, anything than to fullfill his pride of being a man loved, and his dick -,- in a woman. But anyway. let’s continue!

Added to the bad guys being the other race, the main one is the brother (which is also the consultant): After jafar the vizir, we have the brother! And because they are another race, of course they are the ennemy! You are not like us, you are the ennemy (So far i seem to describe avatar as well right?)

And the good ending, he find his throne back and smile knowing the woman he left is still searching for him. And just so the producer can make another fim, he put another bad guy in the end, just to renew the story. Come on…….

And for games, mostly all the same. You don’t believe me? Ok what game are the most popular and which do they advertise:

1: Racing and car games : Ah the good old shit, car games, amazing cars people will never have, racing like mad, crazy speed, defying cops, and then they wonder why people try that in real eh?

2: FPS: Call of duty, counter stike and so on. shoot everything, don’t need brains, just good cheats and you can kill everyone with everything… and they complain teens are more and more stupid and violent eh?

3: Soccer game: Of course, soccer, like if they don’t see it enough, but surprisingly, another game for guys ^^, men running after a ball like dogs….

4: Adventure game conquistador style where you gotta kill stuff and bring relics or be the master around and so on. Mostly you have a very handsome char or a pretty nice girl who is obviously just pixels! Wooohoooo (yes i talk about games like tomb raider, GTA, saints row and so on)

Seriously….. People are really annoying. If you want to find something different now, hard to find, gotta search real deep. People and this world disgust me.