Dating websites

Yep, even me i will talk about that. Being born during the caramail boom, i know about dating websites such as Meetic,, edarling, and so many others. I know about them mostly due to adverts on television. I mean what’s better when you are here, nicely comfy in the evening watching the new episode of a serie you enjoy, then the adverts come. Usually you use that time to go to toilet or get a glass of water or tea or whatever. But in some cases, you just end up watching those ads and wondering what the fuck did those guy smoke when they made that crap. Anyway and between 2 ads for some toilet paper soooo soft and long and some washing powder that makes your clothes so white and clean and better than any other (*sighs*) you find some ad for a dating website. And there… you crash…. Your poor brain experience a blue screen of the death like a computer, and the only thing that come to your mind is “WHAT THE FUCK”

Yep, that’s what i was thinking the first time i saw those. The first thing i wonder is why the hell do they make ads for that, or are people THAT desperate to find a boy/girl friend to marry and so on? Because we all know dating websites have been going for a good while, and most of us went on it once, either to test or for a laugh (I am part of the second category) but to find the true love? Come on… Don’t tell me you believe you will find the love of your life on a dating website? O____o And because i know what i saw on it, i can tell, you don’t find true love on that….

Girl side: Of course, ladies first…. although to find true ladies on there, you gotta be fucking lucky. First you find all the girls you find on social networks, the one taking a pic in the bathroom…. Yep that is sexy, especially with the glasses and the flash of the camera or phone. Sexy….. Then you get the one with the duckface… and they think that is sexy to make such a ridiculous face…. Moving on, oh the ones putting pics almost naked and even naked, those don’t look for love, just to get fucked and if they tell you the opposite, they lie. And of course, don’t forget all those who take a pic with a high angle, the camera above them to show their breasts…. And then women, i mean real women wonder why men treat them like bitches and objects…. yeah right….

Boy Side: Same shit as women. Between the one that post pics naked or just of their dicks… Not a joke… I just lose faith in humanity… And then you add those who take a pic with their dog or cat, or with the guitar (i guess some women like that, dunno) or with crazy scenery behind them. Basically with whatever make the woman not look at them but at what they are showing… and mostly,sorry to tell you that guys, we are more attracted to the dog cat guitar or scenery you are taking a pic with, not you. And once they talk to you, the good old: How’s you?…. Like seriously? Can’t you guys be a bit more… i don’t know, inventive? Or do you only know those 3 damn words?

Once you passed the state of talking on that website, usually is continues on msn or Facebook, then the people meet. But the breaking point is here. Even if you talk to let’s say 10 people from the dating website, 3 will make it to the msn address, 2 maybe to meet in real, and just one with who you might end up friend… or in the best case you will date, not for long, it will be over…. What a joke.

And people still believe they can find true love on that… Yeah right!


The joy of hearing companies and others mistakes.

I don’t know if it ever happened to you, but one thing i love to read is something called “Les perles du bac” basically all the stupidities that student writes in the end of high school exam. We all know as student, we mix up our classes and notes, and under the pressure, we happen to write some hilarious thing just to make the one who correct our paper laugh. Consciously or unconsciously, we all did it. but some of you might think that when you grow up and work, it changes…. Naaaaaaaaahhhhhh ^^. That wouldn’t be fun!

First one, happened to my father. He received a weird letter asking him for some money from the health insurance in France. So wondering what it was, he called them. After waiting a few minutes, he gets some human on the phone, gives him his insurance number and tells her his problem with that letter. At that moment he had the speaker on and as he was standing next to me, the woman said: “But Mr, You are dead!”…..¬† Now imagine the silence and like in manga, my father and me both looking at each other with faces like that … Someone could think she was joking but she was serious. So of course, u laugh when my dad raised the voice, asking her what the hell she was smoking, and saying that if he was dead, he would know about it first before them. That was a nice one.

Or another one, I was good friend with a guy on a game called Elfenlied. He was hated by many, but mostly envied because he was a strong and smart guy. One day after a while off the game, a common friend asked me how he was. So i told him that i only had news from him some month ago, and that he was fine and so on. And then comes the amazing remark, and the worse is he was serious..”What do you mean some month ago, aren’t you two married?” So i replied “In game you mean?” And he told me with all the seriousness of the world “No no, real i mean”… So there i say stop! Why no one invited me to my wedding!!!! And another friend some month later ask me the same, so i reply the same, that he was fine and so on. But then he said “hey how come i don’t see you together anymore, you two broke up? I thought you were living together, you were always together in game”. And now no one invited me to my divorce? O.O And since when was I only together with Elfenlied in game? We teamed up like twice, talked a few in guild, mostly in whisper (private messages) so where the hell did he saw that? So to make it short, within a few months, i was married and divorced¬† O.O and all that in real….

Or today, i call the formation center to know why after 3 weeks they didn’t reply to me. So i call them, and i give all the information they need, then they tell me (and try to imagine the proper scot accent
“You sent us your registration form but not the application form”. So i tell them
“But i never received any application form!”
“Ah? Oups, i guess we forgot, i will sen you one today then”
Lovely… Don’t tell me i forgot something when you can’t even think of sending me THAT form…..

The lovely mistakes of those people just make me laugh in the end. And if you have any you want to share, i will gladly add them ^_^

Different generations

I will attack a problem that i think is pretty obvious for some of us who get older. The difference of generations and cultures. More like the generations. Most of us, when we grow older we look at the young people, and when we see how different from us when we had the same age, they are, we wonder… Well that happens to me a lot.

My parents are i guess traditional. They raised me to be someone who take pride in the work i do, to be respectful of other and especially elder people. To be polite and diplomatic, to be honest and even if it’s bad, to tell the truth and yell even if it hurts. To respect objects, people and know the value of money, i think is something most of us, older generations learned from our parents right? Come on tell me I am not alone Q.Q

But now, when i wander in the street of a nice sunny Saturday, wondering what i am going to cook and looking for inspiration for the dinner, it’s when i realize… Young people now, need a damn brain! What draw me to this obvious conclusion? Well first, let’s call them teens, late 18s, walking with their “pals” around, grey pants looking like pyjama ones (O___o) Tshirt and worn shoes (just to look even more ready for bed) and the other ones, same but with the cap on the head. Girls, dressing more than… slutty even when they are young, like 13 year old at max, trying to act like grownups, flirt with men, and they cannot live without a phone, computer and whatever social network they use.

Now i say what the hell? Back in my days, i admit mobile phones weren’t that common nor cheap, and the internet wasn’t unlimited like now. Computer were old big and slow machines, and with friends we didn’t need whatever messenger or phone to know where to meet. We didn’t need any internet to have fun. Alright i get it, time change, that i know. But what about the parents who let their 3 year old kids on the computer “because it’s good for their learning”…. Or those who give kids an ipad? Am I the only one thinking those should stick to barbie and small cars and soccer instead? O.O

And when they grow up, they have so been used to have all that electronic around, that they can’t live without. They lose the respect they have for them self (Sorry but girls 13 acting like little whore, thinking it’s OK to flirt around and more just because it’s cool are stupid!), smoking and drinking like sailors (if i did that back in my days, my mother would have cut me in small pieces and fry me for the birds), swearing more than they should, and disrespecting older people or even others… it kills me. And then they want US to respect them? What a joke….

I know parents aren’t always at fault, some are, but some aren’t, because no matter how good you raise your kid, there will still be some jerk morons and company to make your child go the wrong way. And i guess the good old thing of “No you don’t approach that kid, and yes you will be punished in your bedroom and yes i will take whatever electronic you got” doesn’t work anymore. Because now, parents get sooooooooooooo soft, because their own parents were too rough to them, so they consider that it’s ok to give to their child what they didn’t have.

Well it’s wrong. Look now what they become? Junkies, alcohol addicts, not able to write correctly, to speak or even to work. And if it’s our future, well let’s hope that the end of the world is like VERY near, at the end of 2012 would be great!