Wesh Wesh all over the place

Well, today was a beautiful day, warm enough to go out wearing a single long sleeve light shirt. Lots of sun in the sky and not a single cloud to hide it. Basically a nice spring day when i was going to eat an ice cream and since the ice cream van from Ben&Jerry was coming to Lyon, i figured i would go to get the free ice creams. But, like very good thing attract bad ones, here i was, at the meeting place, and so was many youngsters.  Usually that would not be a problem. But today, they were all what we call: Wesh wesh.

Now i hear you, what is that, those are the youngsters, mostly in France and with Algerian, or any other Arabic country origins, speaking mostly with an horrible aggressive accent and half Arabic, half french. Basically only their clan can understand each other. What are their particularities?

They speak loud: Of course, you HAVE to notice them, you have to know they are here and act like they own the place…

They aggress you if you DARE to look at them in the eyes… Yeah, like some wannabe delinquent or prison whatever, they will start to get angry, even if you did nothing, even if you jut looked at them for 5 sec, they will aggress you.

They all wear the same: Sports wear, mostly addidas and nike, with the pants tight at the ankle for men, and like sluts with a mix of sports wear for women.

And while looking at them, and laughing inside on how ridiculous they were, they started to take more and more space, being invasive and really annoying, yelling, and going stupid stuff with their bikes, then arguing. So yeah, i left. And as i was leaving, i remembered an article saying that now there are classes for those to teach them to speak correctly and loose that horrible accent, in order for them to find a job…

It’s already hard for me, for them? That will be hell. And in the meanwhile, they make everywhere hell for us….

I hate humans….