The Diamond Jubilee, what a piece of crap!

I guess today is the perfect day to talk about the queen of England. I live in Scotland and everyday they annoy us on SCOTTISH TV channels about that damn jubilee. Let’s make it clear, 95% of Scottish people do not give a damn about that woman nor recognize her as their queen. For them, she is the queen of ENGLAND, not Scotland. Last time she came, she got eggs thrown at her face, and they want Scotland to celebrate her 60 years being at the head of a country but not taking a single decision?

Let’s face it, the royal family of England is just here for the tabloids. Does they make laws or rule the country? OF COURSE NOT! It’s the Prime minister who got more power than the queen. So what is she here for? The tabloids? They get money to do nothing apart from waving at people. And they complain about them having too much tax to pay? Let’s remember that they ear what most of us would DREAM of earning.

But that jubilee is to celebrate her 60 years of power? What power? She got no power. So that jubilee could be just like her having a speech…. That would be too fun right? Basically big festivities, spend TONS of money (indeed soooooo wise seeing in what deep shit and economical shit the country is) for celebration of her reign. Are they damn mad? Ok maybe forget the economical problems with some celebrations, could be right but people still gotta pay for all that crap. And her, what is she gonna do? Sit…And that’s it. Ok she is old, but if she is so, then let the next generation reign then -,-.

English people are crazy. But if they want to waste money, their problem, if they want to show off an old hag, they shit! But keep it in THEIR country and do not bring it in Scotland. And because Scotland isn’t independent, the money THEY spend will affect Scotland too.

What a waste of time… I am french and at least in France we beheaded our kings and the monarchy. I wish this island would do the same (choose if you prefer to do it literally or just metaphorically)