“I want”, “I deserve”, “I don’t care, I will not leave until i get what I want”

Ohhhh it has been a while since i last typed an article here. Yeah sorry, work, busy, you know. Anyway it’s time to talk about another category of people that most of us had to deal with in our life, either at work or in private. Those people want everything and will not accept a NO. And i get them a lot in my job since I work in customer service. Those people, will be maybe nice at first (or not) but quickly when you tell them “I am sorry sir but ” it will be like letting the flood go, and no matter what you say, they won’t be happy, they will yell.

What do they do first? Try to convince you that you HAVE TO give what they want. Because 1: they deserve it (no you don’t), and second, it’s normal they get it as it was taken from them in the first place (mostly about people who got their account emptied because they gave their password away or let their kids play, and those kids did the whole thing). They should remember that we have absolutely no obligation to do so, and we are doing it because we are nice and want to help people. But no, they will still rage and even scream at you if they can. And that really is annoying. You on the other side, are tempted to just say “You know what dude, no more goodie two shoes, go fuck off and shut the fuck up, learn how to use a computer/internet/security and come back when you got a brain”. But no, you can’t, you have to listen to him yell and yell again.

When they see that yelling and complaining don’t get them what they want, what is their next move? “I want to talk to your superior/manager”…. Right…. Just so he can tell you the EXACT same thing I told you.┬áJust to be┬áprecise I work in uk, but all the customer I get on the phone are french. My superiors are British and thus do not speak french (well except the bonjour and oui non). And just for you, most french people (like 95%) don’t speak English or what they know is like “Hello, my name is”. So when I tell them they would need to speak English, then it’s even worse. Because they call a french service so of course I must have french manager and they won’t speak some fucking English.

So now what is the last move? They want to sue you! But of course! And what do they want to sue you about? Not about a whole scam or something big, no, about a little thing or sometimes a game or a product. One thing that might cost them what, 40 quid tops. So let’s calculate: lawyer will cost them much more. And even if they sue you, they will end up against a wall. One of the reason is because it’s a threat and they won’t do it. But when they do it. But french people love that too, at the end when they are in a corner, to say they will sue the hell out of you. And they expect us to be even more scared, run everywhere to satisfy them. But we don’t, we stick there, facepalming, and in the end, they just yell again and again.

Those people are a pain, and they only get stuff out of weak and small companies. But once they end up against big ones or someone who is strong and will not bend over easily, then its impossible to calm them.

Seriously, why can’t they just calm the fuck down and get a little respect there… I hate people…18